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Originally Posted by damack View Post
Same size skate (8.5d), not sure if the holder/blade size differs between model lines. The old skates were only 2 months old, been sharpened 3 times, I'm not sure that would be noticeable.

I had a look at the boot/holder alignment, it looks straight. I'm fully willing to accept that there is an adjustment period and it's just me. This is only the second pair of skates I've owned and I re-learned to skate (after 35 years off the ice) on the first pair. So I've never experienced the change between models before.
It is not un heard of for 2 skates (even same manufacturer like yours) in the same size from 2 different lines to have different holder sizes, although i would say it is quite unlikely that would be the case.

Maybe it is just the way the boot itself pitches you? I know supremes have more of a neutral-to-heel biased stance and vapors have a more aggressive forward lean so it is possible that it is just getting used to the stance of a supreme vs a vapor.

Given that your old skates were only cut 3 times i would say that assuming they are the same size blade (which i am sure they probably are) that the difference in the blade shape/height would be almost nothing.

It must just be the difference in the way the boot is cut.

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