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02-04-2004, 08:52 AM
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As you so eloquently posted yesterday...

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
Jas-- Man, you know I'm with you..But, as you point to in the second half of your post, you know what might even be worse then becoming the laughingstock of the nHL? It's becoming a laughingstock or, worse, an afterthought to many of the team's own fans...Search the web, talk to friends, it's all the same, peolple who were hard core fans just don't seem to care as much anymore about the Rangers and if they do, many have turned bitter, pissed off and incredulous to what Sather has turned the TEAM (and I use that term loosely) into...Bottom line, this team and organization has been FUBARed by Sather, to the point where it's own fan base can't and doesn't want to recognize it.....

I was actually disturbed by the win over the Canucks on Monday. You were right about a growing momentum for the disposal of Sather. It would be so typical of this team to screw that up, too. I actually welcome Sather's continued ineptitude, simply because, at some point, even a clueless jackass like Dolan has to see what's in front of him, right?! For all of Smith's faults, at least you sensed some love for the organization and its fans. Sather cares nothing about that. He is clouded by his own arrogance and the rotted stench of a man not only living in his past glory, but ignoring how much damage he is doing to that past. Writers like Brophy, Mackenzie, Kelley and Morganti are killing the guy for being a relic. His own players have taken to not only calling him out, but even practising while he goes on obliviously. Jeez, we thought Muckler was the life-sized replica of Mr. Magoo. Sather is the spitting image of that myopic cartoon character. And, Little Jimmy contiues to shine his shoes for him. WHAT A JOKE!!!

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