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02-17-2007, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by towely View Post
people also forget that no matter how bad this team played at times this year they still were playing over .500 hockey which is better then they did for a long time prior to his arrival.
Only a few years ago their record would have indicated an under .500 team.
and people also forget the man coached this team to the playoffs for the first time in how many years?
Give Ron Low the best forward and one of the best goalies in the league and he makes the playoffs as well.
are the team bashers real fans or are they people who just always need something to cry about and if so it probably pisses you off more when they win because you now have to invent something to complain about.
And the creme de la creme. My friend, you hit it on the head. We who dare bash ARE NOT REAL FANS. Ask anyone. They'll all tell you. And yes, personally, I cringe whenever the Rangers win. Nothing I can't stand more.
and time in and time again the excuse is i just love this team so much man that all i want them to do is win and what ever it takes.
Again, you hit it right on the head. We who do not constantly cheer are really haters of the team.
so all the ranger fans that bash the team they claim they love and come up with your trade scenarios for the players like jagr and shanny and fire the coach and get rid of the gm go back and sit in front of your tv's playing your video games and go back to your fantasy boards and go convince yourself that by doing that and reading the daily paper makes you some great hockey mind where when you come to these board and put your opinions down like you do that it only makes you look like a fool.
I for one, applaud your clarity on the subject matter.
but to all the ranger fans that are constantly bashing the team they claim they love just rember the old saying opinions are just like aholes and we all got one and it does not mean i want to see your ahole either and if you love the team as much as you claim now is a good time to show it.
So you come onto this particulare board and do not want to read people's opinions? Then why bother reading any post whatsoever?

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