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02-04-2004, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by FloydianSlip
They are ranked number 17 out of 30 from what I see.
Those were from 2002/2003.

Here's the new one:

30. Colorado Avalanche (Previous ranking:17)

Strengths: Simply put, the Colorado Avalanche, in terms of prospect depth, have no strengths whatsoever. If they have any strength at all, one would have to point to the abundance of potential role/character players within the organization. Collegian Keith Ballard was acquired in an off-season trade with Buffalo and he represents the best hope for Colorado. Johnny Boychuk and Tomas Slovak could be depth defensemen in the future.

Weaknesses: The Colorado Avalanche, more so then any other club in the National Hockey League, lack anything that closely resembles a top two line forward in their system. Atrocious would be the best word to describe the current state of the Colorado Avalanche prospect core. As a whole, the organization lacks natural raw ability and any potential star material.

Top Prospects: (D) Keith Ballard, (D) Tomas Slovak, (D) Johnny Boychuk, (F) Marek Svatos.
Say what you want, but when it considers prospects, the Avs are the worst. I take their word (their being 60 HF writers and editors) over the regualr Avs homer.

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