Thread: Player Discussion: The Iron Hook Cometh
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03-05-2014, 05:05 PM
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Are y'all saying you wouldn't have traded Leggy in this deal if you had known this guy was going to Sweden? I would've done it anyway, for sure. I would've traded Leggy for a 3rd round pick alone for goodness sakes, we don't need both him and Fisher so anything you can get for him now is better than the nothing you'll get when you don't re-sign him over the summer.

I'm thrilled to get a 3rd-maybe-2nd round pick, some random grinder (whatever) and a prospect that might actually pan out into something great. Even if he doesn't, the trade is still a win.

Like others have said, rumor is Jarnkrok had problems adjusting to the NA game and wanted to leave for Sweden if he couldn't play in the NHL. That's a little lame attitude-wise on his part, but since then he's apparently been playing better. I read somewhere that he could make $500K in Sweden vs. $100K in the AHL…but if the Predators are prepared to play him in the NHL, the money advantage of Sweden goes away. Couple that with him playing better on the small ice lately and maybe he will stay.

That said, even though Wings fans are hating on Holland, I can't imagine that he's dumb enough to give away so much for David Legwand without there being something else going on. So maybe the reports of this kid going to Sweden are true.

If he stays, we need to get rid of Trotz. Not to derail this thread, but I don't want to see another promising offensive talent squelched by him. If we're not careful we'll have another Legwand on our hands.

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