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Originally Posted by NJD Jester View Post
Great effort, but completely missing the big picture.

The most influential sports publication in the United States ran a headline on its cover that read: "Why the NHL's Hot and the NBA's Not"

It doesn't matter how the meat tasted; that was a sizzle, and the NHL responded by canceling half of its following season.
Boy, talk about fanning on the puck. Your post is hardly surprising, mind you.

This is the point: that was NOT A SIZZLE. One writer from SI flopped the meat into the pan. It didn't sizzle because the heat was not turned on. No one paid attention, because there was in fact nothing there to pay attention to. The only ones that paid attention were a few Canadian hockey fans. As we know as Canadians, we are so desperate for US approval that a few of the more desperate latched onto it as proof that Americans really, really liked us.

It was a one week thing in SI that was based on nothing tangible, and the non-reaction showed that to be the case. It was not even really a hockey story, for Chr*** sakes.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Among the hardest things to do on this Board is to make someone say "You know, you're right. VERY good point. I guess I didn't know the full facts on this subject."

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