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Originally Posted by Jon Prescription View Post
Think for a second. When someone says "everyone" generally they mean people in their area.

When New York won the Cup and that issue was published, people in the area around me (AKA everyone) checked out a game the next year. Yes, a lot were turned off by the lockout but a TON of people in this area were turned onto the game. This is New York. It's not some bumble**** town in Montana. When a New York team wins a championship people in the surrounding states all tune in.
That's why people should be careful in using the term "everyone" - and in this case New York most definitely != the rest of the country. The hype that led to the article was New York centric and any reaction to it in New York can only be viewed in the context of the hysteria over breaking the 1940 curse. Were those people who "checked out a game the next year" doing it because of the hype of the article or because of the much bigger hype of the Rags success - you cannot really separate the former from the latter (at least not in the New York market). What do you think the reation to the article would have been if the Rangers had lost game 7?

I can tell you in that in California (SJ) the basic response (of the non Sharks/NHL fan) to that article was - "God, the NBA playoffs really did suck didn't they - if they're comparing it to the NHL - but howabout that Sharks upset over Detroit".

Sports, like politics, is local.

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