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02-18-2007, 12:47 AM
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The way I see it, the strategy of "fire sale, suck, draft" has been tried before by the Habs, very recently. It didn't work too well. But then again they didn't have the best of GMs before.

I don't think it makes sense to blow up the team completely. It's in a transition/measured rebuilding phase as it is, better to let that go on 'till the end. The upcoming core of the Habs is not Koivu-Kovalev-Ryder-Souray, it's Higgins-Plekanec-Latendresse and maybe Markov. The baton is in the process of being passed to a new core.

No, Montreal cannot match Pittsburgh's depth of young talent but neither can any team. And tanking would simply not result in a similar depth of talent because there's not going to be such a collection of talent coming up in the pipeline for a long long time, even if a team tried to suck as extensively as Pittsburgh did, fortuitously at just the right time. In a cap world, Pittsburgh's collection of talent has a definite half-life to it.

I am on the fence on whether it makes sense to trade Souray or not (if they're not going to be able to resign him then he should be traded), but making a conscious decision to suck for ten more years when your top lines are loaded with first- and second-year players is ridiculous.

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