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03-05-2014, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Soundgarden View Post
Historically it's a lot less than you'd think. It all depends on where we end up drafting, it's a lot easier to package the number 6 pick instead of number 12, but if Detroit makes the playoffs we have 2 2nds all of a sudden and that's a pretty good bargaining chip.

1st rounder(6-10), 2 2nds, young roster player like Ellis could do it. I'd be very happy with Poile if he took a stand, set out to get a top guy in the draft and then made it happen. Probably not going to happen, but it'd be a major move and a definite commitment to going out and acquiring top 6 talent.
I don't think it happens often enough for there to be any real science to it. In the past decade, only 3 top 5 picks were moved, only 1 of those a top 3 pick. Of those, the only one moved at or just before the draft was Toronto and NYI swapping the 5th (Schenn) for 7th+ in 2008. Ladd at 4 in 2004 was a pick that had been traded the prior summer, when such a pick would have had drastically different value, and the same with the Seguin pick at 2 in 2010. Now prior to that, things are a bit wackier. Point being, there are very few examples of teams jumping into the top 5/top 3 in the salary cap era, and of those, only once has it been done when the exact placement of the pick was actually known. While I agree it would be an excellent move on Poile's part to get it done, there's no telling what value it would take to move into the top 3, or whether any of those teams would even seriously consider trading out.

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