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02-04-2004, 01:57 PM
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Truly stunning idiocy, mate. Someone from another land comes in with a different point of view and even explains where they feel they could be wrong and are open to other opinions (unlike yourself, mate) and you jump on them (as is your proven custom) in the hopes you can bully them until they go away, mate. You only other response when proven wrong is to attack thier way of speaking. Nice adult behaviour mate. Does that make you feel better mate. Hey, if you like, I am a black skinned bloke as well mate, have a poke at that too. I also am a Maori so you can make fun of that bit as well.

Oh, and because i respond to two threads about the Blues mate, it don't make me obsessed although, judging by your closed minded attacks on anyone who says anything that challenges your own specific beliefs about the team, I think I have found a perfect definition for the phrase "obsessed fan". Ta da mate, I am off, no point in any more dragging down of the boards by either of us. I am sorry I let you drag me down and am sorry to anyone who wasted time readin both of our rubbish.

Done for me. I have proven my opinions and you have attacked me for them instead of having an adult debate about them. I think we have covered everything.

Best of luck in the summer.

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