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02-18-2007, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER View Post
This post seems to have turned into a personnel discussion, certainly from some of the people who want renney fired. How can you fire the coach when he did not structure the team. That lies at the feet of Sather and Maloney.

What is very apparent is that besides being the ultimate fair weather fans, there are a whole host of NYR fans that haven't got a clue about what it takes to rebuild a team.
It doesn't happen over night. It requires a certain degree of patience, which many are obviously lacking and some intestinal fortitude to stay the course.

What you see on this roster now are some components that will ultimately constitute
the whole of the solution. Stop being children and look at the larger picture. Many of you are complaining because there are holes in the roster and you want to go do the samething that you chastised this organization for doing, trading young assets for a quick and immediate fix. Make up your minds.

or maybe we should fire the fans!
Renney does manage the lines and the roster though.... He always has Orr in games where he doesn't need to skate and then scratches him in games when he should have had him in.....

You can say hindsight is 20/20 but even Helen Keller could have predicted that the Philly game was going to get nasty... Jagr has been getting cheapshotted all season against Philly...

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