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02-04-2004, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by transplant99

If the Blues become "sellers", two of the first contracts/players they will be looking to rid themselves of, are Tkachuk and Weight. Right now you would have a hard time giving away these two players with the amount of money owed and length of deals they are sitting on.

Should the Blues give up the ghost this year, it will be with an eye on the post CBA world that will likely include a hard or soft salary cap. Whatever number that may come in at (Less than 40 Million, no question) Pronger, KT, And Weight would be eating up about 28 million of that. They were absurd contracts when signed and are even more absurd now. But I digress.

Laurie (and by default) Pleau will be dealing one if not both guys if the deadline nears and the Blues have continued the recent freefall.

All the rest is just window dressing compared to the real desires of management, no matter what this uberGM (degrunt) thinks.
First of all, Tkachuk and Weight have no-trade-contracts. Obviously you knew that given the fact that you've presented yourself as an expert on the St. Louis Blues.

Secondly, I recommend that you recognize that there is a difference between being a seller and dismantling a team. Despite the fact that you're such an expect, you don't quite seem to get this. The Blues won't be dismantling themselves down to a team of AHLers. If they decide to become sellers what they'll be selling is the players they don't intend to keep beyond this year because they aren't signed beyond this year.

And last of all, the 'degrunt' comment, while quite amusing because of how pathetic it was, was completely uncalled for and has been reported to the moderators. If you wish to continue this discussion I'd appeciate it if you kept your insults to yourself.

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