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03-06-2014, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
I see know one having a fit that we traded Legwand. Honestly, I think people are exaggerating and imagining people's responses so that have a reason b*** and complain about posters.

I see some concern that Jarnk may have tendencies to Sweden. When Bob McKenzies says he needs to be convinced to stay in NA, I do not take that as spin city. Jarnk says he has a year left on his NHL contract and he intends to honor it. That's good, but also does not scream NHL loyalty either.

I certainly hope he stays, but I hope Poile got a pulse of this dude before trading him. *Suddenly reminded or Ronning for Karalathi trade*

Wasn't just meaning here, go look at other Predators places and you will see people absolutely crying and shocked that he got traded. You would think the guy had been putting 40g seasons up or something the way some people are reacting.

Was he a solid player? Sure. Do lots of fans root for him because he's been here forever? Sure. Was it a good hockey move to get rid of an aging vet that hasn't really looked like he cared all that much in a while? Yes.

Being in a contract year I had expected him to really be hard at it, but frankly this year has just been more of the same. It was a good move imo.

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