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Originally Posted by Deviate View Post

Stop making **** up your making kings fans look bad.
You are over-compensating here. Avery had a lot of enemies within the locker room, especially within the veterans.

The provable negatives:

- Constant whining to the ref's.
- Consistently diving.
- Was disliked by the previous coaching regime for publicly stating that his teammates weren't tough enough (after the PHX-Sillinger incident). He was suspended by the team for a few games for not keeping that stuff inside the locker room.
- Stupid racist comments, not counting the unsubstantiated Laraque issue (which I honestly believe was "'roid monkey" and not a direct racial insult, though it was equally stupid to say).
- The stupid practice argument with Ducks' announcer Brian Hayward.
- Refusing to do a drill in practice which lead to a near-altercation with then assistant coach Mark Hardy and subsequent season ending team suspension.
- Horrible decision making (for the most part). Avery coud kill the team with an ill-advised pass at a critical juncture.

For the most part, Avery has a serious issue with wanting to be "the man". He can play a team game very well for short periods of time, and then will suddenly take it upon himself to try and take over a game all by himself, be it by carrying the puck for too long or trying to "motivate" his teammates by starting crazy ****. His teammates just got tired of always trying to stand up for him. He is a polarizing influence - either you like him or you hate him, and there isn't much room in between.

The good news is that some other fans are getting to see that Avery is a talented player. We've been putting up with anti-Avery BS from other fans for a couple of years now, and it has really obscured people from seeing just how effective he can be on-ice. Fantastic skating, decent offensive instincts (but poor finishing skills), and an abrasive presence on the ice.

This article may just be an overly sensational piece, but it isn't all that far from the objective truth (I can't and won't even try to validate the Yzerman stuff). As much fun as it was to watch the Avery show for three seasons, the LA Kings really are better off without him.

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