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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
Hartnell has definitely had his best goal scoring and point scoring seasons in Philadelphia, but his numbers, on the whole, aren't that much better than when he left the Preds.

With Preds (Full):
.21 gpg
.48 ppg

Though these included his first few seasons in the league, which naturally would be lower than what you would expect him to normalize at.

With Preds (last 3 seasons):
.319 gpg
.588 ppg

With Flyers
.305 gpg
.629 ppg

Factoring that level of production over an 82 game season, he would have averaged about 48.216 points with the Preds, and 51.578 points with the Flyers. Statistically, that is not a significant difference, and one could argue that simply his continued development as a player would have given him an increase of 3 points a season with the Preds. That's not to mention playing alongside the likes of Giroux, Richards, Carter, Jagr, and Briere, among others.
Fair post. Hart's last 3 seasons were easily his best 3 in Nashville, with his shortened season pulling his numbers up significantly. To counter point, I think if you take out Hart's 14 goal season/down swing, then his numbers will shift even more one way in philly. I think it is fair to throw out 1 season out of what 5-6, especially given it was around the time the mike richards situation and his wife took place.

Be that as it may, anyone who watches Hartnell knows his game took a dramatic shift in Philadelphia vs in Nashville. He is a much more effective player in Philly than he was in Nashville. He was a caged animal here. He was released in Philadelphia.

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