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03-07-2014, 09:59 AM
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It has potential to carve itself a nice niche perhaps, make some sales perhaps, but many of those sales would be driven by misconceptions that they are 'unbreakable'. They did a great job with their kickstarter campaign and video that showed how the lower third of the shaft and blade are near-impervious to slash damage, but there area multitude of ways stick deteriorate and break. If I remember correctly, COLT never specifically said that their sticks are invincible, but they were clever about it and many people (including those who disseminate news for the public, big surprise) projected that to think that they were.

The stick is noticeable for sure, I've held it and had a nice conversation with one of their reps. Never shot with it. I think that the stick feels rather heavy and unbalanced for a high end product. Their value proposition for a $270 stick is not necessarily 'more performance' but rather 'more durability with a small decrease in performance'.

Overall, I like what they are trying to do and hopefully, they could drive competition in this stagnating industry, but I don't think that they could gain traction in retail unless they have a huge upswing in sales and can manufacture them to a certain level, neither of which they've seemed to have done. I just cringe when people parrot this 'unbreakable' nonsense.

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