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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Fair post. Hart's last 3 seasons were easily his best 3 in Nashville, with his shortened season pulling his numbers up significantly. To counter point, I think if you take out Hart's 14 goal season/down swing, then his numbers will shift even more one way in philly. I think it is fair to throw out 1 season out of what 5-6, especially given it was around the time the mike richards situation and his wife took place.

Be that as it may, anyone who watches Hartnell knows his game took a dramatic shift in Philadelphia vs in Nashville. He is a much more effective player in Philly than he was in Nashville. He was a caged animal here. He was released in Philadelphia.
I would say a big part of his somewhat improved performance is that he's grown up and matured. He was a spoiled brat when he was here. Not many on his side in the locker room.

Bottom line to all this is that to say Trotz sucks out the offense of a player is really a lame excuse. Players can't be offensive powers without help. How many teams has Trotz had that had the players to make a true offensive system. The couple of years he had that team they were near the top of the league in goal scoring and points.

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