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Originally Posted by HABSoluteDMB11 View Post
Nice, thanks. I lived in NYC for a while and go back 6-7 times a year. It's no where I'd want to live again, but I love visiting. What, if any, would you say are the similarites and differences between the two cities?
Well, they're pretty different. Nashville is the kind of city that you feel safe walking downtown at any time of day(for the most part...I wouldn't advice it on Church Street down by the exit to 1-40, Charlotte Ave or Jefferson Street....but those areas are fairly barren and run-down and I'm not sure why you'd be walking around there, ever. Nashville is what I like to think of as a "big, small town." It has everything you would matter what you're into..but still feels comfortable\homey. The people are polite, downtown has a lot to do if you get away from the main drag(the area surrounding the arena is where all the country bars are, and most of the locals don't bother with that stuff, the country bit is mostly a tourist thing). There's a great scene no matter what kind of live music you're into...indie, punk, jam, rock, even rap.

Put it this way...NYC is a great city to visit, but I'd never recommend living there. Conversely...Nashville may be a little lame to visit if you're not into the country thing, but to's top notch.


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