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Originally Posted by TorMenT View Post
How do playoffs work? I though it was top 4 from each division then division finals, then conference finals. Looking at standings for wild card though it looks like 2 teams from the same division can make wild card.
Here's a breakdown topic I made a while back:

Long story short, three top teams in each division get in and are auto-slotted 1-3 seeds in their divisional playoffs. Then, the two best remaining teams in have conference regardless of division get in and are seeded with the better wild card team going into the division with the divisional winner with the least number of points while the second wild card goes in division with the divisional championship team with the best conference record. So, very probable that a Central team could be slotted in the Pacific or a Pacific team in the Central or both.

So, hypothetically, if we win the Central and the Ducks win the Pacific with a better record, the wild card team with the better record would be who we face off against in the first round while the wild card team with the inferior record goes up against the Ducks.

And there's no reseeding, the winner of the 1/4 matchup in the Central Divisional Playoff series will always go up against the winner of the 3/4 matchup.


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