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02-18-2007, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
I'm one of those throwbacks who wants the Rangers to make the playoffs and have one of those slobberknockers with the Isles...and even if we lost, we'd be better men for it. Old school.

I do not see one guy out there...even Pat Quinn, who is capable of bringing them to the next level with a GM who isn't exactly running lockstep with the coach. This to me, is the Rangers real problem, not the coach.

To this outsider who has sat at many a Ranger game this yeal, the real issue is Sather's horrendous D choices that have forced Renney to juggle and somehow mesh together Frankensteins into hockey dmen. And you have such good youth on tap...all trying to breakthru the absolute mess of deadweight there now.

What has NOT helped is a bit of a sophmoric slump by Lundquist, that has magnified every defensive misstep rather than covered it from last season. But thats pretty common in 2nd year players. And with Lundquist, who will bounce back, and Montoya have a stellar stability that might resemble Beezer & Richter down the line.

I sincerely hope you guys make it in, with us a bit ahead...and maybe we'll meet for that barnburner in NY. But firing Renney, to me, is just not the answer just yet. Sather, however, is fair game. And I DO NOT think Messier is the answer there. I think he needs to be an assistant first or earn it in the office, not by his own promotional machine of a father. This from a guy, who thinks Gretzkey shouldn't be behind a bench either. Just b/c someones a good player does not mean he runs the show.

just my humble opinion on the subject.
I gotta say you make me wax nostalgic for the old days with the way the 2 teams scratched and clawed for every advantage. Loved your post, and agree wholeheartedly! (except of course I want the Rangers to finish ahead of the Isles!)

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