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03-07-2014, 02:36 PM
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I've got some stickies at the top of the forum regarding stick selection that are worth a read.

When it comes to flex, so much of it IMO is your height, not your weight. The shorter the stick, the stiffer it feels. If you have two guys at 200 pounds, one at 5'6 and the other at 6'6 cutting off sticks to their nose, it's going to be a massive difference in flex. An 85 flex stick cut down 6" is going to feel like about 105-110 flex, and if you have to put a 6" plug in that same stick, it's going to feel like about 65-70 flex.

My general recommendations are usually:

~ 5'6 = 65 flex (intermediate)
~ 5'9 = 75 flex
~ 6'0 = 85 flex
~ 6'3 = 100 flex

That's just a starting point.

Again, you're only trying to shoot a little 6 ounce puck, you're not trying to crack the ice in half. Especially with wrist and snap shots.

If you've used 100 and 85 flex sticks and feel like you need to drop down, give it a shot. Alex Ovechkin is 6'2 and 230 pounds and used a 75 flex stick for a while.

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