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03-07-2014, 03:37 PM
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So some posters think Kane is waiting for the playoffs to and his slump..then he will emerge again as the prospective $9 million+ per yr "value" that he or his agent thinks he is earth. ..or is it $12 million per yr if he decides to test the market..because there is always some dope of a GM willing to overlay to land a designated "star"..for that kind of moolah I expect superstar..bit let us not rubble...Meantime if his slump continues at the pace since 2014 started, he gets only 9 or 10 points in the remaining he fails to even break 80 its..when. .remember the guy eaflier this season who started a thread on this being the ur Kane breaks the 100 pt. Barrier? Well that poster has egg on his or her face now...if Kane is waiting for playoffs to contribute like expected from s go to star..then he had better come through big then..if not..then we will be discussing his exit from the premises.. He can then joinvhis buddy Kesler at dome other country club which optimized want..and wwhere talent wasting is coveted up bu the marketing dept. and uselessness is excused. ..because once a star always a star,right..If Kane is waiting for the playoffs to come alive...he had better not stay dead. he has been for most of 2014 with a very few exceptions.

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