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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
You have to earn the ability to get a pass like that. It really isn't a hard concept and I don't get why people can't grasp that. You were frustrated that the Flyers were giving Mez an opportunity to return to form because he was 28 and there was no chance he could return to form (any idiot could see this, 28 year olds don't ever return to form and Mez was never that good anyway his stats and play were inflated by everything). But you want the guy who is 25 with little experience and aside from small stretches has not shown anything to get more chances. Ok. Makes sense. He's 25. Good point. ( some links to some CORSI stats that show he is the best defenseman in the NHL)
Except nobody is making claims that are that outrageous just that he is better then the people who currently suck, that's not saying much at all in fact.

Btw I'm not really sure what the point of bringing Mez into this is. It was made painfully obvious this season who was the better player even if you chose/choose to ignore it. Stats aren't necessary.

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