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Originally Posted by beeker16 View Post
I had similar experiences with the Bauers.
You said the One.7 was too wide on you. At what area specifically?

I'm looking at the One.6 as the Vapors feel too narrow and tight on the outer side of my foot right before the toes. The Supremes feel way better but I worry my ankle may not stay in place enough with them as they're overly comfortable if that makes sense.
Bauer must sell a ton of " E" in Vapors, cuz almost everyone I know says they are narrow in that same spot you do they sell that many skates, I do not have wide feet!
Almost the entire Supreme felt a little too roomy, mostly the mid/fore foot, toebox felt a bit big.
I wasn't real confident that a bake was gonna make the skate fit like I wanted it to, and should.

Not sure what worried about "overly comfortable" means, if the skate fits you snug, and it's comfortable, what is the issue exactly, is it a bit loose in the ankle area?

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