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02-19-2007, 03:22 AM
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Another way to look at it is comparing the Rangers with Toronto, since both have 23 games remaining. The Leafs are playing excellent hockey right now, but even if they went .500 the rest of the way (11-11-1), that'd only net them 23 more points for a total of 89. They could go 12-10-1 to get to 91. I still think the Leafs will play even better hockey than that, so then you have to start looking at what other teams will do.

Montreal is fading, 2-7-1 in their last 10. With 21 games left and 66 points currently, if they went 10-10-1 for another 21 points, that gets them to 87.

Carolina is 4-5-1 in their last 10, 67 points now with 21 games left. If they also go 10-10-1 in their last 21, they'd get to 88.

The Islanders have 23 games left and lead the Rangers by 1 point. 11-11-1 to finish the year nets them 90.

I guess my point here is, 91 is cutting it way too close. The Rangers would need the three teams ahead of them all to go .500 or worse for 91 to be a somewhat reasonable goal to get into the postseason. I think 95 points is probably closer to what the Rangers should strive for, only because you can't expect

I guess my point is, I think 91 is low, even though the extrapolation above shows that 91 seems to be the cutoff.

Frankly, I think the Rangers will need to play better than 14-9-0 hockey to get into the playoffs. Of their next 23 games and 46 possible points, I think they'll need to go somewhere like 16-6-1, or 17-5-1 to get in.

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