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03-07-2014, 09:46 PM
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Yeah, we might be winning but the team looks awful. Over 60 games in and I'm still looking for any kind of systemic play. I see nothing we do consistently. Not in our breakout. No clear idea how to get through the neutral zone. Completely random zone entries. I haven't seen any kind of set plays offensively, defensively it's chaos. There seemed to be some idea or plan how the team went about the forecheck to start the season but that's pretty much gone.
The only part of the game where there's any consistency is how the players position themselves on the PP, no set plays and no success whatsoever, but at least the set up seems to stick(other than last game where they started playing with 2 D men after yet another SH against).

How many games have we started with one set of lines and swapped around before the first period is over? If it's happening once or twice it's active coaching, if it's happening every other game it's either terribly planned or just a complete lack of a gameplan.

The team is in total disarray. The players aren't develpoing individually, the only ones who looks improved are the guys coming out of OKC. Last night it looked horrible until a couple of rushes from Hall and Marincin got the team going and the team seemed to just have fun with it.

The comments from and about former players is just extra icing on the cake. If it was one guy saying stuff you could claim it's bitterness or what not. But when pretty much every player leaving has something negative to say about how things are run it's too much smoke for it to not be a fire.

Either Dallas is some kind of genius with a masterplan that's hopeless to understand or this whole coaching staff is just a massive hockeydisaster.

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