Thread: Post-Game Talk: by the spirit of vanek..... (we lost)
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03-08-2014, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by BRAD HABSFAN View Post
Too logical. I wish there was a way to hide each posters ID and you pick who you thought posted a comment. It seems like the same people ALWAYS think the sky is falling even in a win and then have 'I told you so in a loss'. I honestly do not know what is worst. Certain posters constant whining and criticizing or those who think they can change that persons mind by logic. I disagree with some of MTs choices but we are winning more then we are losing. We should make the playoffs. If we have a 1st round match up like last year we are better prepared for it with our size and grit we added this year. But flame away those who disagree. Do not let the sunshine break through your black cloud. Plus I am counting down the days to our trip up vs brooins. Our 1st home game back from a road trip and against the hated ones..
Good post. But take my advice: Don't criticize posters here. Criticize and discuss Habs. You will be very unpopular very fast if all you do is criticize other posters here. Talk about Habs, not posters.

Posts about how stupid other posters here irritate the **** out of me, and a lot of others here, when we want to talk Habs. I do not want your opinion about me, I want your opinion on Habs.

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