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03-08-2014, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
Fair enough. But why discount the possibility that getting a new coach and GM might be good for the franchise? All I "hear" everything is fine, we should be grateful for what we do have, etc. I don't see any consideration for the opposing view that everything is not fine and just making the playoffs is not good enough any more. And obviously we aren't even doing that right now.
no, what you hear (at least from me) is that this team isn't nearly as bad as you detractors make it out to be… we are a .500 hockey team and thats with missing our all world goalie for 51 games.

If you want to see what a really bad hockey team looks like, just look at Edmonton… all of those #1 picks and they still are completely hapless… and they play that "style" that you seem to want that you claim would "at least make us fun to watch"… yeah right, Im sure the Edmonton fans are all just happy as clams that their team is "fun to watch"

My point is this team, with this coach and GM, are a lot closer to being good again than you seem to think. If you disagree, fine, don't renew you tickets… but don't be surprised in a year or two when we are back in the playoffs if your seat has been taken…

Originally Posted by predshabs View Post
I believe the problem is that change is something people believe will give us some hope. Right now what do you have to hope for another defenseman falling in Poiles' lap in the draft? Some Predators fans are tired of this. We have tried it for 15ish years and what has it got us, where has it got us? I think it is time we admit this team is going through a rebuild cycle, hopefully it will not take too long. So why not make a change at the top since change is coming so we can see if a new system works better here. I for one would like to see some excitement back in the Arena. I remember watching the playoff pushes and being at the 2ot loss. I want that feeling again but I think it may be time for a change or two at the top.
sorry, but if you are feeling hopeless about this franchise its because you have been spoiled by success. Edmonton fans need hope. Calgary fans need hope. Blue Jackets fans and Avs fans needed (and got) hope. But we are not in any way comparable to the situations those fan bases were or are in, with multiple years of truly wretched hockey.

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