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03-08-2014, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Nobody "decides" to stop playing well. Some key players (Emelin, Eller, Prust to an extent) are not having as good a year as last year. Coaches and players on this team regularly mention that they win when they stick to the game plan and they get in trouble when they deviate from it. Something definitely is different than last year. Personally I think it's some players not playing at their best like last year and second the team deviating from the game plan a bit more often at times. They did not decide conscientiously to do this, it's probably largely psychological. Maybe they started thinking they were a better team than they actually were I don't know. And yet they're still near the top of the conference so it's not like they are a sinking ship.

But you'll never convince me that any sane person looks at those numbers you posted for last year and then decides to change anything, let alone change the system entirely. (assuming that as much as you hate Therrien like he killed your dog we agree at least that he is a sane person)

Why? Because it's completely ridiculous to assume so. He could have been seriously considered for coach of the year last year. You think he's going to decide to change his system? Get real.
Dude, how can you even say this after having written all of that?

You are trying to come up with any and every possible reason to blame the players for their lack of production, from saying they're just having worst years (without attacking the ''why'' part) to them not being as good as they thought to them being undisciplined and deviating from the system to flat out not knowing why.
And yet, you refuse to acknowledge Therrien's own words (after you asked for them btw) because it goes against your opinion.
You see, even after you asked for proof from Therrien related to the system, and it was brought forward to you, you ignored it. And you dare ask someone else to ''get real''???

Let me ask you this, Therrien has insisted (on more than one occasion btw) that we are a grinding team, do you agree with that statement??
When you look at this roster, do you see this team as a ''grinding'' one??
Were we playing a grinding style last year?

All these questions have very simple answers, but I'll enjoy seeing you side peddle in order to save face.
If you want to be the bigger man though, just at least admit the possibility that the coach messed up the system.
Don't try to find reasoning behind it, people do stupid senseless things at times. This wouldn't be the first time. We had one of the best PP in the NHL earlier in the year, then we started heavily using DD's line as the top unit and our numbers have been on a steady decline since. Those numbers are right there for our coaches to see, and yet, no changes on the PP. Can you explain the logic there? Of course not.
Can you explain to me the logic in putting our 4th line along with our bottom pairing Dmen out there, on more than one occasion ?? Can you explain to me why Therrien kept putting out the 4th line after they got caught not once but twice??

Don't try to find a logical explanation for everything. Sometimes it's just not there.

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