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03-08-2014, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
Points made. I just think we can do better going forward than what we have in the current staff and management.

Poile and Trotz have done great things for the franchise. I can see that. However, 15 years is enough. It's time for a change. Fresh voices and leadership. I don't have the confidence that they can take this franchise to the next level, being a true contender. Poile has never put together a Cup winner in 30 years of being a GM. He had one Cup finalist in the late 90s. We have some good young talent coming in. How about a new coach to work with them?

I have another year on my full plus half. I will be dropping my half after next season. I will keep my full because at the very least I can see other great teams. And it's a social thing for me as well. I just have heard from other long time STH that they are unhappy.
The only change that would possibly work quickly is if you think there is a coach out there who can get more out of our current players than Trotz. I have no way of knowing if there is one or not, but if you hire someone with a totally different style, expect this team to struggle mightily until the new GM can turn over a substantial portion of the roster.

The only way I see a change like you want is to hire a new GM who tells Trotz he's going to obtain different kinds of players, and challenge Trotz to coach differently. If Trotz succeeds, its a win-win.. if he fails, your new coach at least will have players tailored to his style.

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I've changed my mind. You get ALL THE COOKIES.

mmmmmmm… cookies

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