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02-19-2007, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
The whole team needs to start hitting everything that moves!!!! Thats a big part of why the Habs are slumping so bad, because we stopped hitting and started to play like a bunch of Sally's. If we are going to play dump and chase hockey we need to have 2 forwards skating into each corner and hitting. If we have the boards covered each way, we should be able to keep the puck in the zone and if we are hitting it will force the defencemen on the other team to turn the puck over faster and create more chances for mistakes. We also need someone who can carry the puck deep into the offensive zone as well....we can't dump and chase all the time....sometimes we need to carry the puck in and set plays up instead of cycling the puck downlow and having 3 guys behind the net playing.
Dump and chase is a fine style to play, but as a few alluded to above, we omit the chase part of the play. When we were doing well, we dumped, chased and hit the defense. We got away from that in the slump, probably the main thing that caused our slump.

It's the same reason we get burned down low in the defensive zone. Well, that and not getting any forward support down on the transition. The defense gets the puck and our forwards race to the other blue line, thinking we have Lidstrom and Pronger on the back end setting them up with laser beam, no fail, tape to tape passes. The only time we can make a decent break out pass is if Markov has the puck, or the centre sticks around in our half the neutral zone, or around the blue line. Our defence collapses behind the net with pressure, and there is now way Bouillon or Souray will make a 100ft pass without it being intercepted, that's for sure.

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