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Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
The problem with this logic is that in the past teams have frequently had great years and then terrible years, all without a change in coaching. I'm not so sure it necessarily follows that it's the coach if the team doesn't do well one year. The claim you know this with utter certainty, given the complexity of trying to figure such a thing out, makes me doubt your sanity. As someone pointed out, there are so many factors to consider. And, honestly, we're not doing that bad, really.
That's basically what I'm trying to say. I'm with you as far as not here trying to claim Therrien is the coach of decades, but the reality of a hockey team in such a competitive league with this much parity is there are a multitude of factors to consider both interior and exterior (as in other teams constantly change and adapt as well).

Blaming everything on the coach all the time and simply closing off one's perspective to any other possible explanation is simplistic, short sighted and not to mention boring for conversation. Like you said earlier, if maybe once in a while they'd give the coaching staff some sort or iota of credit, it would make it more believable and less redundant.

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