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02-19-2007, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Let's look at lines in terms of dump and chase vs. possession.

Higgins-Koivu-Ryder don't dump it a whole lot. Higgins is about speed , Ryder wants the puck in flight, while Koivu distributes. I think they're playing poorly, but I don't think they dump and chase much.

Bonk-Johnson and whoever, Bonk and MJ will hold the puck and try to work it deep. Both are smart players,probably both are missing an extra gear to do all that much offensively, but they aren't afraid to carry the puck.

Plekanec and co., whether Kovy,Samsonov, aren't afraid to try and make plays. The fact that they've sucked at doing it is the problem.

Whoever's on the 4th line, well, Lapierre isn't creative crossing the line,but he'll swing wide on the D. and shoot. Murray and Downey tend to just push it ahead, but they aren't asked to do anything other than try and muck around in the offensive zone.

We've seen more aborted plays lately because teh gaps get stretched between the forwards and D, so you see d men trying to gain C and dump it.

The lack of forechecking is more the issue imo though. Be a little unpleasant.

Agree 100 %

Those who don't agree with dump and chase and prefer puck movement, albeit lateral, should never coach hockey even at an atom level. Dump and chase is mandatory in practically every team's playbook. If a player loses a puck in entering the offensive zone, you create a turnover. REmember the goal that cost the last game of the playoffs last year? Ryder, if I recall, did not dump it, and preferred to dangle with it. Remember?

You dump:
a) when a complete line changes
b) to create pressure down low

If a dump and chase doesn't work it's because:
a) there's no pressure from the forwards
b) the puck is thrown too strongly or too lightly on the boards.

Right now, with most of MOntreal's lines, the dump and chase SHOULD be the way to go. The problem is not the coach. It's the players' commitment to do it. Why does Lapierre et Milroy do it the right way all the time and others don't? It's because they are not committed on the forecheck. It's not the system. It's the players.

That's why we've been losing games galore. There hasn't been any commitment. Players who have been brought up by carryin the puck, feel it shouldn't be dropped. So they don't or they do it but without any follow through.

Montreal plays a 1-2-2 most of the time, but not on a forechecking situation. They CAN double-up when deep. The problem is: F-2 doesn't follow because he's not committed to it.

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