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Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
You make it sound so easy. We just have to play with the puck more and put the PP back to the way it was when it was producing. Voila! Stanley Cup here we come.
I'm not suggesting this is a Stanely Cup calibre roster and nowhere did I suggest it was.

But we shouldn't be at the bottom in terms of offense either. And we shouldn't be getting outplayed every night the way we are and letting our goalies save our ass.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
And most coaches, by the way, are doing a lot worse than Therrien.
Most coaches don't have a goalie as good as Carey Price.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
Come on now, the guy must be doing something right.
Tell me what it is.

We're outplayed, outchanced, our younger players are regressing, our Norris winner is called out all the time, near the bottom in scoring, our PP (which should be absolutely awesome) has sunk like a stone, he's playing favorites with lesser players and calling out players in the press.

The ONLY thing going for us is our place in the standings and that's largely due to our goalie.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
You don't think your hatred is coloring your perspective just a wee bit? Try just loving Therrien for a few minutes. Breath and say, "I love Therrien, I love Therrien". Now, as we all know how much emotion can make us see things in a biased way (i.e., make reason the slave of passion"), having gotten rid of some of your hate, I would like to know what things you think Therrien has done well.
You tell me. What should we praise him for? 'Cause the only thing we have going for us is goaltending and he has nothing to do with that.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
He must, after all, be doing something right; if he's a complete nincompoop, there's no way we sit 3rd overall in the East. And surely to God if it's as easy as you say, wouldn't someone surrounding Therrien mention something: "Hey, why don't we try playing with the puck more and, uh, put the PP back the way it was when it was producing". Or are they all just idiots?
Why did Bouillion play on the PP? Why does one line get all the PP opps and doesn't produce? Why does he start our supposed shut down defenseman in the offensive zone all the time? YOU explain it because I can't.

We're where we are in the standings because of Vezina caliber goaltending... that's it.

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