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02-19-2007, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Vinc View Post
You're right. This team was so much better with Joe Juneau, Patrick Traverse, Donald Audette and Patrick Poulain.

You can't just say every french canadian works harder in Montreal. In all nationalities some players work harder than others. Would you say that Martin St-Louis, Vincent Lecavalier or Simon Gagné would play with more passion if they were playing here? Or that Mike Ribeiro and José Théodore couldn't have been more focused and worked harder when they were in Montreal?
Read my posts again.

Bad players are bad players. I'm talking about the general impression I have that most Quebecois who plays for the habs works harder than on other team and that they work harder than most players from other nationalities (also in the team). We are not talking about that we should fill the team with 23 quebecois who have no talent just because they are quebecois.

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