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03-08-2014, 04:57 PM
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The biggest issue with this team regarding Therrien is his glaring lack of structure.

The Habs more often than not appear to be playing firewagon hockey. As soon as the puck gets on your stick, move forward.

There are some simple fixes that could dramatically improve this team from a playoff team to a contender.

Breakouts. No structure whatsoever. Get the puck and fire it to somewhere. The hardest pass to make in hockey is when a player is pressured and he is not aware of where an open teammate is. In football, offensive players have to make reads on the defense to determine what the play will be. Structure. Set plays based on what the other team is showing with regard to forechecking pressure.

Entries into offensive zone. There are a multitude of teams who easily skate the puck into the zone because they have a plan and structure to react based upon what the opposing team is showing. It is easy to beat a team stacking the blue-line if you have a plan on how to attack it via passing and creating odd man advantages with the puck at the blue line.

Power Play. We have the best offensive DMan in the league on the PP. Teams adjust by sending two forwards high on Subban and Markov. That leaves a three on two low in our favor yet Therrien refuses to take advantage of that. Placing a forward in the crease forces teams into a 2 on 1 disadvantage. Once teams realize we take advantage of what they offer by playing aggressive against our D, they will not crowd Subban as much and then we get the opportunity to use Subban as a potent weapon again. Its all about structuring your attack and change to take advantage of what the other team is showing on defense. Again, looking at reads to decide what to do.

Finally, puck patience. Sometimes the best pass to make is one that is in the opposite direction of where you or going. Or to simply stop. We turn the puck over way too much because of our singular purpose of getting the puck into our offensive zone as fast as possible, regardless of whether there is support for the puck there.

The Habs have adequate firepower on this team to make a run for the Cup. Therrien has to take advantage of this and he is short-changing the team because of it.

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