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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Sure, other teams have followed great years with terrible ones, without a coaching change, but with change elsewhere. Maybe it was injuries, maybe it was key players leaving, maybe players tuned out their coach because they're tired of his antics or wtv, no matter what there definitely always is a reason(or reasons) as to why a team doesn't play as well as it can/could/should.

In our case, little change in the roster, no significant key injuries, so what is it? Is every single player in the top 9 just coincidentally having a worse season for no apparent reason? Does this make more sense than looking at what the coach has done and noticing differences?
We know we aren't playing like we did last year. You don't need basic or advanced stats to even realize this. Just compare the games. Look at how we played last year with much faster transitions, stronger forechecks and just hung onto the puck more, and compare it to the more passive system Therrien has us playing now. How can anybody that watches hockey say this team is playing the same way (or close to it).
Now you want to blame the players for it as Jigger77? You want to think every single player is not executing the same game plan despite it leading them to being one of the best possession and scoring team in the NHL?? If that's what you think, then okay. But I think it's more likely Therrien saw his team get outplayed in the POs, he saw guys tire out by season's end, so he opted to play a more passive system.
We had one of the best PPs in the NHL at the beginning of the year, we suddenly switched it when we broke up the EGG line for the last time and it has consistently declined since then. Why?? Are the players, yet again, deciding not to listen to the directives given to them by the coach??
We had a great balance last year on all 3 lines and shared offensive opportunities. This year, one line has been identified as the heavy duty one for offensive tasks.
These are all changes undeniably made by the coach. Why?

Therrien has tried new things this year and our goalie for the most part has bailed him out. Aside from that 10 game point streak we've been hovering around .500. Even during that hot streak, Price stole games by himself.
This has hidden our mediocrity and that's why you have some people just looking at the standings and say ''we're 3rd, he must be doing something good!''. Well, no, he hasn't done much. Not to help our team win at least. He's been riding the waves of hot players, that's all. We aren't playing well. But we definitely could.
I don't think, on the other side of the coin, that Therrien is blameless in all this. I think what most are saying is that it's a combination of coaches (and NOT just Therrien) AND players that explains what's going on, that's all.

I think we need to keep in mind there's an organic relationship between players and coaches. I mean I assume they're communicating with one another and together working through a myriad of issues from game to game. As with any relationship, why just blame one partner over the other? It's about the coaches (again NOT just Therrien) and players together communicating to solve problems and issues as they arise so as to improve performance and achieve success. We're outsiders that have no freaking idea what's going on behind the scenes. As such, quoting paltry statistics to support broad, unassailable arguments, seems to me, not to get us very far

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