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03-08-2014, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
I don't think, on the other side of the coin, that Therrien is blameless in all this. I think what most are saying is that it's a combination of coaches (and NOT just Therrien) AND players that explains what's going on, that's all.

I think we need to keep in mind there's an organic relationship between players and coaches. I mean I assume they're communicating with one another and together working through a myriad of issues from game to game. As with any relationship, why just blame one partner over the the other? It's about the coaches (again NOT just Therrien) and players together communicating to solve problems and issues as they arise so as to improve performance and achieve success. We're outsiders that have no freaking idea what's going on behind the scenes. As such, quoting paltry statistics to support broad, unassailable arguments, seems to me, not to get us very far.
Hey, people have no problem blaming players when it's warranted. The Kost broz? Kovalev? Grabo? Lappy? Lats? Hammer? etc. Over the years, people have had no issues criticize players for some sloppy or lazy performances on top of weird coaching decisions.
But in this case, which player aside from Bourque can you actually blame??
We're not dealing with some bad lazy players here that are half-assing their game.
Heck, even Briere, can we really blame him? He had no business being signed in the first place.
Eller? Sure, you can put some blame on him, but I can easily point towards the fact he was used differently last year and earlier this year where he was a lot more effective. The biggest change for him was swapping his good linemates for worse ones (which was a coaching decision).
So, who else?

We're not talking about a couple of guys, which happens, we're talking about every single player in our top 9, we're talking about our top pairing Dmen that includes a Norris winner. We're talking about players that have very strong work ethics.
If the system hadn't changed, then okay, everybody here would be blasting the players away. But the system has changed and it's painfully obvious. For better or worse? Well, our team is slightly worse standing wise than last year, production wise it is much much worse though. Will we be better in the POs? That's the gamble the coaching staff I'm guessing is going for. There's no other logical explanation.
Unless you think the vast majority of the players with strong work ethics on our team suddenly decided to take their feet off the pedals and stop execute what the coach preaches. But that doesn't make sense to me.

In some cases, it's all on the players. In some others, it's a mix. And in some others again, it's on the coach.

Why it's easy to point towards the coach in our case? Well it's because we have two samples. This year and last one. With very little change to our roster but a change in our system, the vast majority has regressed this year. You don't need a PHD to realize what has changed the most.

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