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03-08-2014, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
If you honestly think back-to-back down years means you're right down there with what we went through up here...

Frankly, I think right now the Preds can be expected to be rough for a little while longer, but there's at least some future hope in all the right places. The kids on the blueline are right on schedule, and most of a decent forward corps is maturing in Milwaukee. And depending on how the draft goes, that could get even more of a boost.

Yeah, the team's in bad shape at the moment, and yes, a large part of it is due to a massive miscalculation by Poile this past offseason. But pretending you're anywhere near that level of perpetual misery is as outlandish and absurd as Jackets fans claiming we're Cup contenders.
Im not sure if it was miscalculation by DP. I think he has been in on a number of situations attempting to bring talent here thru F/A. Unless a team drafts in top five on a pretty regular basis there just not going to stockpile a competitive team. The few players that are special and able to jump right in the league in any given draft is pretty small. SHort a a few year period with Karyia Sullivan Dumont and Arnott here players have been put into situations they are not ready for. So first the GM and front office have to select the right player then they must be developed properly. This has been the double whammy for the Preds.

The team is in a hole right now and given time they will rebound. The D is set and we have a world class goalie. If your someone is not willing to wait a couple more years to rebuild your gonna have to watch another team for a while. This is not a top destination for players wish lists no matter the amount of money that can be thrown at them. In time it could be but were not at that point now.

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