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03-09-2014, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by JAVO16 View Post
The silver lining (for Therrien bashers) is that if the team crashes and burns down the stretch and gets a quick first round exit after Bergevin's trade for Vanek, that might warrant Therrien getting fired.
Is it bashing if the criticisms are valid?
Originally Posted by Saintpatrick View Post
The man is a complete and utter moron and gets out coached on a regular basis. Bashing him is well warranted.
I agree.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
Statistically the odds are in their favor. And when it happens, we'll hire a new guy, things will be rosy for awhile, and then he'll get bashed, eventually fired, rinse, repeat. Some old **** over and over. Well, at least there'll be a reprieve from the whining, if only temporarily.
Is it whining or legitimate criticism? I think what I've said is warranted.

You've said it's "radical" but haven't backed up why. Nothing radical about saying he's a bad coach because - well, he is.
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
I don't think, on the other side of the coin, that Therrien is blameless in all this. I think what most are saying is that it's a combination of coaches (and NOT just Therrien) AND players that explains what's going on, that's all.

I think we need to keep in mind there's an organic relationship between players and coaches. I mean I assume they're communicating with one another and together working through a myriad of issues from game to game. As with any relationship, why just blame one partner over the other? It's about the coaches (again NOT just Therrien) and players together communicating to solve problems and issues as they arise so as to improve performance and achieve success.
I could swallow this if some players were performing and others weren't but that's not the case. Almost everyone is underperforming. The PP has gone away, there's no transition game...

Cripes man, tough to blame the players when the system sucks like it does here...
Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
We're outsiders that have no freaking idea what's going on behind the scenes. As such, quoting paltry statistics to support broad, unassailable arguments, seems to me, not to get us very far
"No idea?"

Let's not be disingenuous here. We have some idea of what's going on because we see the systems on the ice. We hear the BS about MB and MT talking about how Subban was a player who was benched (by them) before they coached him and then went on to win the Norris...

There's been a lot of stupid **** coming from MT. It's commendable that you're here to defend him (even if only as a Devil's Advocate) but he sucks donkey balls. Pick another cause that's actually worthy of your time.

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