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03-09-2014, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Armourboy View Post
Thats what I'm asking though. If the problem isn't the GM or the Coach as people keep defending then whats the issue? I mean yeah at a certain point the players you hire need to do what they are paid to do, but if they aren't or can't then why did you pay them to do it to begin with? If you brought these kids up in your system and they can't do it, does the Coach play a part in that or is it all the kids fault?

I mean seriously, we keep going back and forth but yet no one seems to know exactly what the issue is or how to fix it other than either trading for untradeable players, or by getting free agents we have hardly had a chance to get over the years.

So we sit and wait on what exactly? I mean yeah we have a couple of forwards that look like they might make it eventually, but thats not exactly filling a roster any time soon.

I mean right now it appears the fix is to wait another 3-5 years, hope the goalie and blue line are still around then by the time we get a team of decent forwards in place I guess? What do we do in the mean time? Tell the team to make sure they suck so we can get a top draft pick in the mean time? How do you keep fans interested in that and buying tickets?

I know the answer isn't easy, but damn. I don't blame anyone for wanting the GM and coach gone, then again I don't blame anyone for saying that we were right there and missed it a couple of years ago and we need to wait. Waiting
I will again point out that we are not anywhere near the situations that Calgary is in now or that Columbus and Colorado were in, and Edmonton seems to have been in forever.

The truth nobody wants to see is that this is not that bad of a team. We have had a really bad week, and having no Legwand is going to make the final 20 games worse and so our final position in the standings will seem a lot worse than the team actually is.

but we played .500 hockey without Rinne for 4 months. We were within 4 points of a playoff spot 2/3 of the way through the season, again with no Rinne for all of that time.

Last year, which everyone remembers as awful, was much the same... we were actually right there for a playoff spot until about a week before the trade deadline, and then injuries took their toll on the last three weeks of the season and we ended up 14th in the west.

This team is primed to be a contender, and soon. We are completely set on defense and in goal for at least the next 4-5 years. Not just good but world class defense and goaltending. There isnt another 'rebuilding" team that is anywhere near that well stocked on the back end. So we need some forwards who can score, and thats pretty much all we need. In the next two years you would think at least two or three players from within the organization will blossom into full time NHL forwards, and if we can pick up one or two more by trade, draft or free agency, we will be in good shape.

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