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02-04-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
Gratton is back, but hasn't played for some time, so I would think Jarvis will give him a few days to work with the team (since the team has been playing so well lately, there's no rush to put Gratton back in, as he has had a lot of injury problems over the last 2 years) The Dogs need Gratton for the playoff run, but I expect he will be in the lineup soon (just a guess).

Higgins I hope they are very very careful with. The guy should get a night off here and there, as he adapts to the much much longer schedule (29 games vs 82 in one year). Higgins is a future Hab, so don't rush him back, as head injuries are no joke. I assume that they will bring him slowly, hopefully he is ok.
i was talkin to my anat prof about concussions yesturday after my lab and she was saying something along the lines, for coaches who work with kids theyre being taught about the signs of concussions now and what theyre being told is that "once a player has any concussion, they should be told/forced to sit out for 10 days and as long as they arent showing any signs of the concussion, ie. seeing stars, headaches, sleep issues, etc then they should wait another 10 days before playing again.. then again though, this is with kids.. but i believe for adults, its a week i think..
she also mentioned that everytime you have a concussion, you actually will build up scar tissue in the brain and the long term effects of that arent good

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