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02-19-2007, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Your home oven will do the trick but you had better be able to control the heat 175 dregrees F for 15 minutes. Place your feet in them and tighten laces VERY tight. Sit with them on and DONT move. takes about 15 minutes for the skates to cool down.

To prevent hot spot place a cookie sheet on the rack below the skates and stand skates up on the rack above. be sure only the skate blade is toughing any metal part of your oven.

With that to just take them to a pro shop and have them done there unless you know what your doing.
OMG 15 mins is way too long you'll ruin the glues holding your skate together. 5 mins tops. you just want to soften them, not cook them. you bake bread for 15 mins not skates!!!! you don't want any cooling of the skate before you put your foot into it so you cant have it in the oven too long otherwise you'll burn yourself. do it a couple of times if you must but don't skate in them for 24 hours so the glues reset and cure. Doing it yourself will invalidate any warranty from the manfacturer!

Make sure you put them on card board not the grates!!!!!!!!

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