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02-04-2004, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Orange
Not realy ! You're assuming it's a "congratulations" "tap" while it could just as well as been a "don't worry about it" "tap" ... Which brings me to my general comment : There's been way too much assumptions in this thread already.

Also, what do people want from Dags ? He's showing intensity in a practice after having a few bad games and people want to hate him for it ? How stupid is that ? If it would have been reported that Dags was floating in the practice and not taking shots, then people would of said he's lazy and needs to be traded ... Now he showed intensity and a will to produce and people are calling him reckless ... All freakin' nonsense to me.

To tell you the truth, it looked as if nobody took the scene seriously. No player rushed to the scene when the scuffle broke out (a fight is a big looked like a fake one to me. Rivet thru some wild haymakers as if he didn't want them to hit Dagenais. Lets just say that I've seen better fights from Rivet. It looked like 2 kids having a brawl at lunch time at school or something). Then, as the scuffle ended, players gathered around. Most of them looked amused. Ribs didn't even try to help his buddy Dagenais. A scene from the WWE, that's what it looked like. By the way, I don't know if Rivet will be suspended because he forgot to tie his hockey sweater to his pants

Rivet did not want to meet with the media. The only players there were Perreault, Dagenais and a couple of others. I guess the others went their way laughing about the whole bit. Nothing to it, I guess.

We shouldn't read much into this.

We should, though, read much, much more into Ribeiro's comments after the 1st period yesterday when interviewed by Jacques Demers and Alain Crete. Demers implied that coach Julien would probably greet the players with some flying waterbottles in the locker room. Ribs replied that, au contraire, the Habs had played a much better period than the 3rd against Chicago. I'm betting Julien came out guns a blazing in the room. I would have broken a couple of Synergies myself...

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