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02-19-2007, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
OK. Name that coach. It's too easy just to say fire him. Come up with a name.

Then come up with the names of the young guys who are legitimately ready to play at the NHL level.

And before you talk about playing youth, look at the line up:

Prucha (24)
Hossa (25)
Hollweg (23)
Dupuis (27)
Orr (24)
Betts (27)
Girardi (22)
Rachunek (27)
Rozsival (28)
Tyutin (23)
Lundqvist (24)
Pock (25)

These are the guys on the roster who are younger than 29 years old.

Now look at this:

Ozolinsh (34) gone.
Kasparaitis (34) gone.
Ward (28) replaced with a guy who is 26.
Hall (26) replaced with a guy who is 27.

So before you just regurgitate the old line of "playing youth", take a real look at this team.
Excellent post.

To add:

1. Marc Staal (19)
2. Al Montoya (21)
3. Jarkko Immonen (24)
5. Nigel Dawes (22)
6. Bobby Sanguinetti (18)
7. Brandon Dubinsky (20)
8. Artem Anisimov (18)
9. Michael Sauer (19)
10. Hugh Jessiman (21)

That's last years HF Top 10 for the Rangers. How many guys on this list are ready? You could make an argument for three of them; one of whom has been given a shot already, and the other two would most likely be better off with more minutes in a developmental league.

So where exactly is this youth supposed to come from? We can't ice a team full of 20 twenty-somethings. Sorry, doesn't work like that.

Do I think Renney is perfect? Certainly not.

Do I think Renney can and will improve? Yes.

He's into his third, aggregate season of coaching. It's a learning process for him as much as it is the young guys on our team. I know one thing, however, it would be ashame to fire such a good hockey mind. Give him time.

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