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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post
some thoughts
proper fit/closure over the instep does a lot of the heavy lifting in heel-holdown, along with proper width at the forefoot which restricts the foot from sliding forward - too wide up front (regardless of overall length) and the foot slides slightly forward, heel can lift.
The friction between your sock and the new/fresh skate liner helps for some heel hold-down - as the liner wears in and gets a bit smoother, less friction, so more opportunity for heel lift.

From your pics which can;t tell the whole story, the instep/arch doesn't seem 'low', so snug and even lacing pressure over the whole instep will help keep the heel down - but too wide a forefoot width and the foot may still slide forward...

L-pad may also take up some of that small amount of lift. However L-pad placement is critical and best done by some one who knows what they are doing - the outside and inside of the foot is different for placement position.

Lacing at the 'bend' is critical - too tight, get bite - too loose, even worse, heel lift.
Bend location is elemental - determines if the boot volume fits your foot.

From your pic - that right foot; now we all have a slight visual bump at the heel, but yours seems a bit more - possible onset of Haglund"s ??? google haglund's deformity and read up...

best of success in addressing your issues...
Thank you for your helpfull thoughts.
I have some bumps on inner side of the arch. Those bumps are different. And this is why (I guess) everything is fine with left foot and right foot slides.
I've visited orthopedist. They gave me a few of those L-pads - they are aweful. Cannot feel the edge.

The "Haglund's" are something what I've got just a few years ago when I got RBK 6K (Size 6D SR) rollerskates. Played one summer in those and got bumps. Actually now I'm having the same problem with RBK rollerskates as well (heel lift). Pumping does not really help.

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