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03-10-2014, 09:29 AM
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You know why? This man at least played in the AHL. Come at me you AHL players posting out there. This man has had three NHL coaching gigs. Does anyone ever think of pinning any blames on the assistant coaches, video coaches, general manager (well that has happened) and anyone else who has any input when it comes to on ice adjustments.

My main point of this thread is to damper the obsessive blame/hate/disgust towards just one man. I'm no fan of this 'grinding' system either.... and yes I sometimes long for the structure they played last year.... BUT REMEMBER they faltered before that grueling 48 game schedule was done with.

I started a thread a couple months back still supporting Therrien, citing that beautiful opening round series in 2002 vs the Bruins. Therrien coaching a team on the tail-end of the 'Dark-Age''. Yeah, the game was different then. Therrien didn't do us any favors in the end with the Hurricanes series either... yeah, yeah, I know.

Still, you think you know more about the game of hockey than Michel Therrien does? Give me a bloody break.
The fact that MT knows more about hockey than any of us, which I agree with, doesn't negate that he's an idiot, likely with a very low IQ.

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