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Yes people have been blaming the assistant coaches as well ( D-man not taking the body and playing with the stick and the predictable PP ) but according to your logic ( MT played in the AHL so he knows what's up ) they should not be blamed because both are former NHL players.

And blame the video coach?!? Not sure if serious.

10. For poorly using your timeouts on icing calls instead of late in the games, I wish to #FireTherrien

9. For calling out Alexei Emelin after last night’s game saying: “He’s obviously lost confidence. It’s never easy after that type of injury. We’ll continue to work with him”. I don’t remember Emelin ever playing right defense in his entire career, so for switching him there directly after recovering from knee surgery and wondering why he struggles, I wish to #FireTherrien

8. For being a stubborn ***** and never making any in-game adjustments or having his team play to their strengths, I wish to #FireTherrien

7. For making excuses more than any coach in the entire league. At least Claude Noel and John Tortorella can admit when his team flat out sucked, but you on the other hand always have an excuse such as “the schedule is very demanding” or “a lot of our guys were banged-up”, so for being a hypocrite to your own rule NO EXCUSES, I wish to #FireTherrien

6. For being the absolute worst line and team matcher in the world. You simply cannot match the toughness of the Leafs or Bruins, and playing your 4th line with your 3rd defensive pair against the opposition’s top lines is recipe for disaster, so for sucking on the matching front, I wish to #FireTherrien

5. For asking Michael Bournival to find a home in Montreal only to have him warm the bench, or sit in the press box. On most nights when he’s been in the lineup, his speed is second to none, he blocks more shots than Prust, and is tied with Desharnais in goals with 6, he has definitely earned his place here. He could be getting top minutes in Hamilton, so for wetting the bed on this kid, I wish to #FireTherrien

4. For having the most predictable powerplay in the NHL. Michael Raffl after the game last night, “We knew what they were trying to do on the powerplay”. That’s awful. I mean thank goodness for PK Subban, but if your only play is to set him up for the one-timer with nobody in front of the net, good luck being consistent. And why the heck is Bouillon STILL getting powerplay time? I don’t care if you have a top-10 PP, half the time you can’t even get the puck in the zone to set up, you should be the best in the league, so for highly underachieving, I wish to #FireTherrien

3. For being terrible at using his bench. Desharnais is not a number one centre in the NHL, there is no debate. Douglas Murray is the worst defenseman in the league and it has been proven time and time again, so why he is even getting minutes is inexcusable. Ryan White has made huge strides in becoming a valuable player to this team, I mean he’s the best face-off man we have. For setting Danny Briere up to fail from day one, for giving Alex Galchenyuk one game as a centre against one of the biggest and strongest teams down the middle of the ice in the Blues and then declaring him “not ready” is a joke. For repeating the exact same things that got you fired from your previous two coaching stints such as not using your star-filled roster correctly (Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Subban, Galchenyuk and Eller), for showing favoritism, for “sending messages” and “teaching” players, I wish to #FireTherrien

2. For attempting to “teach” your best player to become a “better person”. For consistently criticizing, nit-picking, benching, slamming, blaming, questioning, mistreating, bad talking and benching your best player. For making the Norris Trophy winner a guy on the bubble for team Canada. For labeling him a “defensive liability”. For yelling at him like he’s some punk who just totaled your ’69 Mustang. For simply not allowing PK Subban to become the best defenseman in the NHL, I wish to #FireTherrien

1. For being another “beloved” francophone coach. Because like it our not Habs fans, the best coaches that Montreal ever had, were in fact ENGLISH. Toe Blake spoke English yet won 8 Stanley Cups as the coach of the Canadiens, and in 13 seasons as Head Coach, he won 500 out of 914 games, finishing 1st in the league 9 times. Dick Irvin is another English speaking coach who won 3 Stanley Cups during his 15 year tenure. During his 8 years behind the Habs bench, English speaking Scotty Bowman won 5 Stanley Cups; and won 419 of a possible 634 games. The numbers don’t lie, perhaps Quebecers should get over themselves and except the fact that winning is a lot more important than being a francophone. So for being French, I wish to #FireTherrien

1. Therrien has openly criticized his all-star defenseman P.K. Subban for his turnovers and his lazy penalties, calling him out publicly for his mistakes, which is something you just don’t do if you want your star players on your side.

2. His consistent use of Francis Bouillon on the second power play instead of using Subban for the whole two minutes just like the Penguins and the Senators do with Kris Letang and Erik Karlsson respectively. Since the 2011-12 season, Bouillon has played 129:01 with the power play and has collected a single assist during that period. A SINGLE ASSIST.

3. His constant line juggling and questionable decisions regarding his offensive lines. For example, rookie Michael Bournival was clicking nicely with veterans Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta but as soon as veterans Brandon Prust and Travis Moen came back from injuries, Bournival has seen his time dwindle from 15 minutes/game to a new low for November at 7:33 minutes on Saturday, despite the Habs being blanked by a journeyman goalie from Alabama.

4. His return to a dump-and-chase style of play with a passive forecheck is not working. Because of the small size of the club’s forwards, the Habs would be better suited to adopt a west-east approach instead of a north-south strategy that is simply not working. The team needs to penetrate the offensive zone with the puck instead of dumping it and failing to retrieve it. The Habs need to forecheck with two forwards and use their speed to create turnovers in the offensive zone instead of letting the opposing teams come out of its zone too easily and enter the neutral zone without any pressure.

5. Therrien’s hidden hatred of veteran Daniel Briere. When Briere signed a two-year pact worth $8M in the off-season, he didn’t imagine he would end up playing 8:48 on Saturday night, despite being one of the best forwards this week. Therrien didn’t like that Briere came to his office to have more playing time and play at center back in October. Since then, the relationship between the two men is tense.

6. His over-utilization of unproductive center David Desharnais on the man advantage and at even strength. Heck, DD played well over 18 minutes on Saturday, while having only one assist and 21 shots on goal in 19 games. He replaced Briere after only one game, centering power forwards Max Pacioretty and Rene Bourque, turning them right away into useless players.

7. Poor defensive positioning had led to numerous scoring chances from the opposing teams and if it were not for Carey Price’s and Peter Budaj’s stellar play, the Canadiens would have a far worse record. The defensemen have a hard time making a good first pass, often icing the puck because of an inaccurate pass or clearing the puck by the boards with the wingers having no real opportunity to catch the pass and make a clear exit of the defensive zone.

8. His poor decision-making late in games, like using Alexei Emelin, Francis Bouillon, Rene Bourque and David Desharnais in the last minute of Saturday’s 1-0 loss against the Rangers. Also, his unwillingness to pull Carey Price earlier in the game, finally pulling him with only 33 seconds left in the game.

9. The inability for the Habs to mount a comeback when trailing after two periods of play (0-7-1) and the inexplicable use of unproductive players in such circumstances. Slumping veterans such as Francis Bouillon, Brian Gionta and David Desharnais all average more playing time in losses this season than in wins.

10. His inability to adapt during games and to match-up his lines, especially at home where he is supposed to have the advantage with the last change. We have often seen the Canadiens get caught with their fourth line on the ice while the opponent’s first line jumps on the ice; situations that often led to a goal.
More info on why Therrien sucks :

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