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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Well we shoulda won this game 7 or 8 to 1 considering all the scoring chances we had. ..about a dozen of them grade A level chances.. Again it seems like we have been facing too many goalies who choose a game against us to pretend they are a wall...or the Hockey gods have ordered that unless we generate 75 shots we are not getting any blowout games except on rare occasions such that if we get only 35-40 shots all we deserve is a 2 goal production..this too often repeating script over the last 10 games or so is getting annoying..We simply should be converting more grade A chances..

Funny..Enroth was quoted as saying he thought the Hawks did not want to play this game...I guess he thinks over a dozen grade A scoring chances is indicative of not really wanting to play hard enough?
Bottom was another FAIL in conversion of numerous grade A scoring chances...resulting in a closer game than it ought to have been.
Let us single out the biggest FAIL guy of the night...ironically..#88...who some would say broke out of his slump with that spectacular highlight goal...looked like he started back on a mission and would get a huge multi-points night..but alas. .one point only and out..sure he generated 4 shots on goal and converting the first of them into a goal well that is 25% shooting..nothing to complain about right?
EXCEPT he FAILED on a break-away,and he FAILED.on that slow motion dangle to the high dot when he had Nroth down and the Buffalo defense not in blocking position..and he FAILS to get the shot on net. .so in effect it did not even count as a shot on that he only converts one of 3 grade A chances..hardly very starry..because we all know plenty of other NHL starbplayets who would have converted those 2 big FAILS onto successful goals..Kane shoulda had a hat-trick to really "star"..I do not credit the one goal as starry enough given those 2 miserable fails..To top it off his NET contribution for the night was ONLY EVEN. .because he FAILED to get back and check his man on the lone Buffalo goal.
So he scores a goal but hurts us on the Buffalo goal..the Lord give and take away..Hardly starry.Next time you see real stars with multi-goal and multi-point games because they were on that might and compare Kane's production and effort when supposedly he was on last night...I think you cam understand my reluctance to consider this a year's performance from him..I saw more FAIL than Success. WE are paying for you not expect more than this from a star in an allegedly "on" game where he shows up to play? Sorry..still too much a fail for me from him.
Kane could score 20 goals in one game and you'd complain about him for some reason. Like someone said above, I'm not sure what else youre expecting.

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