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03-10-2014, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
And I don't necessarily have a problem with that approach. I don't think Grossmann is as bad as most are saying, nor do I think it is a forgone conclusion that he can't bounce back. As stated previously, I also like the idea of having a defensive guy like Grossmann out there.

I think the big disconnect here is that people seem to think I am saying don't bench Grossmann or that Gus is terrible or whatever. I'm fine benching Grossmann and I don't think Gus sucks. I think Gus is overrated, for sure, but not that he sucks. I just don't see why people don't understand why a team would have more patience and such with a seasoned veteran over a younger player. Sit Grossmann. Be my guest. But Gus is rightfully going to be on a short leash.

Cars are not hockey players though. If your car doesn't work, it doesn't work. It's not going to all of the sudden start working again. A hockey player can fluctuate in his performance. He may play poorly for a month (or hell even a year) and come back the next season and be better than ever (I'm not saying Grossmann will do that, but you get the idea). A car will not perform that way.
I'd agree if it was just a couple of weeks... but Grossmann has been really bad for months...he's used up all the patience he deserves and at this point him not being benched is just bad coaching. Then add to that Gus is just sitting there and this season he's proven that he can play and he makes his partner better. Those two things added together make it a no-brainer to swap the players. As for a short leash for Gus, sure, but it can't be a one bad game short leash. If Grossmann deserves 3+ months Gus should be given a week or two to turn it around if he starts playing badly.

As for the cars/hockey players, I was just trying to get across my thought process on when to move on from one player to another. If someone isn't working for a long time, move on, if the next player isn't working, then move on again. You don't have to stay with something that's not working, especially when there are other options.

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